'HIKARI MISO' Enjuku Reduced Salt Instant Koji Miso Soup Variety Pack , 10 servings, 146g

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This Reduced Salt  Koji Miso Soup pack offers a fantastic variety of soups for those who don't want to compromise flavour or convenience for the ideal healthy compliment to any meal. Hikari takes pride in making Enjuku full-bodied miso (naturally made from it's locally grown soy beans at the foot of the Kiso Mountains) that gives people an authentic taste of the ingredients grown and nurtured in Japan. 

In this variety pack, you can mix up your daily miso soup with the choice of either spring onions, wakame seaweed, Japanese mustard spinach (komatsuna) or traditional tofu included to add something fresh, fragrant and different to look forward to each time. With 25% reduced salt also, they all provide a rich but light authentic taste of Japan that you won't forget.

This variety pack of 10 sticks contains Instant Miso Soup with: Spring Onions (2 sticks), Wakame Seaweed (3 sticks), Komatsuna (2 sticks) and Tofu (3 sticks)