'MASUYA MISO' Additive Free Barley Miso, 500g

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A large tub of barley miso paste made of barley and GM free soy beans for all your Japanese cooking needs. Miso is an essential ingredient in Japanese cuisine, made from soy beans fermented with salt and rice koji mould. Barley miso is different in that it is made not with rice koji, but unblended barley which gives it a dark colour and a rich and salty taste. The process of fermentation can take between one and three years and the longer it takes, the richer the taste and darker the colour. Barley miso is called mugi miso in Japanese and is particularly popular in rural areas and winter due to its hearty nature. Barley miso is usually used to season rich soups, stews and sauces. Every Japanese food lover should have some in their fridge!