'BANJO JOZO' 萬乗醸造 醸し人九平次 山田錦50 Eau de Desir, 720ml

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Exclusive to Restaurant/Bar/Cafe/Hotel businesses.

A vibrant junmai daiginjo sake with an enticingly ripe palate.

Through their renowned principles of producing sake with a defined backbone and a natural yet rich flavour profile similar to French white wine, Kuheiji offers this temptaciously ripe and refreshing junmai daiginjo, aptly named Eau de Desir (The Water of Desire) for its lively, alluring palate. Brewed with the finest Yamadanishiki rice, polished to an exquisite 50%, Kuheiji opts to slowly mature and ripen the rich peach and melon notes that open up the nose of this junmai daiginjo, offering it a sweet, velvety body that is elevated by underlying hints of citrus, rose petals and cumin spice. Well-balanced with a fragrant and reverberating finish, this sake builds up subtle flavours, pairing superbly with tender, seafood dishes.

Alcohol: 16.0% ABV.