'Iwanoi Shuzo' 磐乃井酒造 - 純米大吟醸真心紫ラベル , 720ml

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The most refined of Iwanoi Shuzo's signature sake series.

Characteristically light and crisp with a vibrant, refreshing finish, enjoy the most refined of Iwanoi Shuzo's flagship Magokoro series with this purple label junmai daiginjo sake. Brewed with Iwate prefecture's finest Ginginga sake rice, its larger, hardier rice grains allow for this junmai daiginjo to be polished to just 40%, creating a beautifully clean and lively palate with surprising umami depth, offering a complex array of fruity notes to enjoy alongside its incredibly smooth taste. Best to serve chilled or at room temperature, this sake is the perfect partner to tender seafood or fish dishes.