'Nogi' 株式会社 禾 - おとなの玄米ポリッポリ 黒コショウ, 60g

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Snappy gluten-free rice snacks seasoned with black pepper.

For endlessly crunchy savoury snacking free from wheat, egg and milk, Nogi's deliciously crisp Porippori rice cracker sticks are not just made from 100% brown rice, but also come naturally seasoned with soy sauce, onion and tongue-tingling black pepper. Thinly baked and not fried to maximise their nourishing crunch, these fibre rich snacks are full of salty, umami goodness you'll never feel guilty about munching. Provided in a resealable ziplock pouch for freshness, savour the chance to snap and nibble away at these cracker sticks one by one or keep them as light, tasty snack to complement your next drinking party.