'JA阿南' 阿南農業協同組合 徳島木頭すだち 果汁100%, 300ml

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100% pure, zesty citrus juice squeezed from Tokushima's kitou sudachi fruit.

Renowned for its refreshing grapefruit-like sourness and naturally rich, citrus juiciness, the fresh, tangy juices of Tokushima prefecture's regional kitou sudachi fruit are finely-pressed and bottled into this stylish 300ml bottle. Grown in the mountain basins of north-east Shikoku, the lush, temperate climate gives kitou sudachi its sharp aromas and acidity, giving its juice the fruity, uplifting potential to enliven popular dishes. Perfect for making your own ponzu, marinades and dressings, even drizzling this vitamin-rich juice over hearty broths or creamy desserts is a great, healthy way to add a sumptuous zest to their already rich flavours.