'S&B' 焼き鳥 スパイシー照り焼きチキン シーズニングミックス 32.0g, 32g

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Instantly spicy restaurant flavours for simple snacks and dishes.

Giving juicy servings of meat and vegetables a more saucy, authentic, grilled teriyaki flavour, is perfected in just 2 steps with this spicy-sweet, soy sauce seasoning mix. Handily pre-mixed with sugar, powdered soy sauce, sesame, chilli, garlic, and spices, this peppery, umami-rich seasoning is easily sprinkled and saturated over your chosen ingredients before grilling, to produce a tongue-tingling, caramelised coating. Great to also mix with a tablespoon of water to create your own sticky-sweet, spicy teriyaki marinade. Contains enough seasonings for 4 servings.