'Hoshisan ' ホシサン 火の国ぽん酢 ジュレ, 120g

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Enjoy tonkatsu, tempura and more with a juicy citrus jelly bite.

A unique way to make fried dishes, salads and tender meats even more flavoursome and succulent, add a squeeze of this tangy ponzu citrus-seasoned soy sauce jelly to your juiciest Japanese home cooking. Made with juices freshly pressed from Kumamoto's signature dekopon sumo citrus fruit, Hoshisan's sumptuously savoury soy sauce is enriched with bonito and kelp extract before it is transformed into this sharp, lusciously smooth, agar-based ponzu jelly. Rich with umami flavour that invigorates the taste buds, this refreshing seasoning is irresistibly easy to use from your very first taste, bringing gentle, fruity succulence to a wide variety of dishes.