'TOAFOODS' 東亜食品 - 白鷺の華丸うどん 720.0g, 720g

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Quality, round-cut udon, provided in 8 conveniently wrapped servings.

Traditionally kneaded and matured in cold water to develop their authentically dense and supple bite, these 8 individual servings of dried udon noodles are deliciously handcrafted by Hyogo prefecture's noodle experts. Produced using the Banshuu region's historic noodle-making techniques, a precise balance of water, wheat flour and salt creates the satisfyingly, soft and chewy texture of these classic udon noodles, whether they're added to soups, curry, stir-fried or served with a dipping sauce. Handily bundled in a ziplock pouch for freshness, each udon portion can be boiled and served in just 10 minutes.