'ISHIGAKI' イシガキ - IH対応たこ焼器 16穴 1.9Kg, 1.9 Kg

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For perfect homemade takoyaki.

Turn freshly-made takoyaki octopus balls into your number one party nibble with this cast-iron takoyaki plate. Popularly made with octopus and other Japanese ingredients (chikuwa fish cake, prawns, mushrooms. spring onions etc), takoyaki's distinctively crisp, dough ball shape is made easy to recreate in this non-stick pan. Weighted so it sturdily sits on stovetops, hot plates and portable burners, this plate features side handles and a rectangular lip to neatly round your batter mix into its 16 semi-spherical moulds.

Designed to be used with gas and electric hobs/hot plates only. Hand-wash only.

Measures approx. 23cm in width, 18.8cm in length, 2.8cm in height.