'TOAFOODS' 東亜食品 - 白鷺の華中華めん 720.0g, 720g

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Springy, square-cut chuka ramen, provided in 8 conveniently wrapped servings.

Made from 100% wheat flour, traditionally kneaded in brine water to develop their natural beige colour and salty bite, these 8 individual servings of dried chuka ramen noodles are expertly crafted using Hyogo prefecture's historic techniques. Created by Hyogo's famed noodle experts in Banshu with no added colours of artificial flavourings, the authentic, sumptuous taste of these classic ramen noodles is produced by hand, seasoned only with a sprinkling of salt to perfect their irresistible, square-cut texture. Wonderful to serve in rich noodle broths, stir-fries or even cold as a hiyashi chuka salad, these handy bundles of ramen come zip-lock sealed for freshness and easily cook in just 4 minutes.