'TOAFOODS' 東亜食品 - 播州そうめん 白鷺の糸 720.0g, 720g

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Quality, thin-cut somen provided in 8 conveniently wrapped servings.

Delicately hand-kneaded in cold water and traditionally aged to develop their authentically firm and slick bite, these 8 individual servings of dried somen noodles are finely formed and cut using Hyogo prefecture's exquisite techniques. Produced by the expert noodle craftsmen of Hyogo's Banshuu region, only the exact amount of water is used to create these extra-fine somen noodles, seasoned with a classic sprinkling of salt to enhance their deliciously, smooth texture. Excellent to serve cold with a dipping sauce, whilst also tasty in a hot noodle broth, each handy bundle of somen takes only 2 minutes to boil, with the rest kept neatly fresh in this ziplock pouch.