'Makoto' マコト - 高野山 ごま豆腐 白 120.0g, 120g

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Pure sesame tofu, traditionally made at the foot of Mount Koya.

A timeless source of comforting nutrition for the Buddhist monks practicing at Mount Koya, this protein-rich, white sesame tofu is an ideal, savoury cooking staple for those pursuing a cleaner, healthier diet. Specially made from locally-sourced sesame seeds, kudzu flour, natural starches and mineral-rich, spring water, the springy texture of this tofu is similar to mochi, allowing you to savour its subtly sweet, roasted flavour with every satisfying bite. Perfect for vegetarians looking for more versatile, meat-free alternatives, season this tofu with soy sauce, wasabi or ginger for a simple, nourishing dish, or dice and coat it in kinako soy flour and kuromitsu to create a sweet, low-sugar dessert.