'Asian Home Gourmet' SPICE PASTE for Cantonese Stir-Fried Rice Yangzhou Fried Rice, 50g

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Savoury flavour that stirs up superb fried rice in minutes.

For an everyday seasoning that will make your rice portions all the more special to enjoy, this instant spice sachet provides the vivid, savoury flavour of Yangzhou's famed fried rice cooking. Richly seasoned with soy sauce and tomato paste to soak your rice in a colourful tang, this shallot-based paste balances its savoury bite with well-rounded garlic crispness. A wonderful flavour to build into your rice dishes and a great way to spruce up leftovers, simply stir this tasty paste into a stir fry with a pick of you favourite meat and vegetables. Made in Thailand.