'Asian Home Gourmet' SPICE PASTE for Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup Suan La Tang 50.0g, 50g

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A splash of authentic flavour for Szechuan's hot & sour soup.

Seasoned with a wonderful sharp kick of spice to contrast its delicious umami depth, Szechuan's famously juicy broth comes easy to pour and prepare with the tasty aid of this instant spice paste. A rich soy sauce base that packs a punch of zesty red chilli and vinegar, this paste balances its savoury sharpness with just the right amount of sweet flavour, to make a broth that's divinely filling and refreshing. Best garnished with crunchy mushrooms and beans so you can really squeeze out the succulent spice, turn this simple paste into an eclectic soup, tingling with flavour. Made in Thailand.