'Yutaka' ユタカ - Yutaka Katsuobushi Bonito Flakes Standard 20.0g, 20g

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An essential seasoning and stock ingredient.

Few seafood flavours in Japan remain as important as the crisp saltiness of bonito, so why not bring its rich savouriness to the table with this handy bag of katsuobushi bonito fish flakes? Meticulously shaved from skipjack tuna caught off the coast of Spain, these thinly-cut, dried flakes pack a surprisingly flavoursome umami punch that can be sprinkled atop stir fries and okonomiyaki for an extra layer of texture, and even stewed into your own salty stock for classic noodle soups and more. Simply boil the flakes in hot water for no more than a minute, then wait for them to sink so you can drain the broth and deliver a deliciously authentic stock.