'Tsuboichi' つぼ市 - お徳用ほうじ茶 100.0g, 100g

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Fragrant, roasted green tea, for exquisite everyday refreshment.

Hand-selected and roasted for long periods to remove green tea's natural bitter taste, this hojicha green tea comes in 52 tea bags, providing rich, soothing refreshment for all ages. By slow-roasting a combination of bancha and sencha green tea into a full-tasting, nutty blend, this tea offers all the rich benefits of green tea without the sharpness or high-caffeine content of regular Japanese blends. Sealed in aluminium bags for freshness, the warm aromas and gentle, nourishing flavour of this tea are perfect both adults and children to unwind, brewed in only 1-2 minutes and capable of being served both hot or cold with ice.