'Tsuboichi' つぼ市 - 宇治抹茶入り緑茶 104.0g, 104g

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Uji matcha-enriched green tea, for exquisite everyday refreshment.

Hand-selected from only the finest Japanese green tea leaves and traditionally blended with Uji-quality matcha to elevate its uplifting, bittersweet taste, this green tea comes in 52 tea bags for a rejuvenating brew each morning. Roasted and rolled from the greenest leaves to guarantee the freshest flavours and aromas, the addition of Japan's richest matcha green tea gives this tea a fuller, smoother blend, packed with antioxidants to soothingly detox the body whilst you relax. Sealed in aluminium bags for freshness, each tea bag takes only 2 minutes to brew, allowing you to serve this tea hot or cool in a bottle for drinking on the go.