'Otsuka Green Tea' 大塚製茶 - ほうじ茶 ティーバッグ 2g×15個 30.0g, 30g

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Soothingly deep-roasted, fragrant green tea.

Roasted under high heat to draw out the rich aromas and surprising sweetness of Shizuoka's quality green tea leaves, these 15 hojicha teabags are both easy to brew and brilliant to relax with. Delicate to sip despite its deep, earthy flavour, this hojicha provides strong, toasty cups of tea that can be quickly prepared after a long, tiring day, suitable for all ages thanks to its low caffeine and high vitamin A,C and E content. A great everyday beverage for boosting the immune system and aiding healthy digestion, make this green tea your source of rich, calming refreshment.