'Tsuboichi' つぼ市 - おいしい抹茶レモネード 100.0g, 100g

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Mix with water to make soothingly, refreshing matcha lemonade.

Blending Tsuboichi's own velvety smooth matcha green tea with the sharp, citrus sweetness of lemons of Setouchi, two regional flavours combine to offer nourishing, fruity refreshment with this convenient drink mix. Popularly mixed for their bittersweet, rejuvenating qualities, the juicy tartness of Setouchi's plump lemons is balanced by the umami richness matcha, creating the perfect consistency for this drink to fizz with invigorating flavour. Suitable for drinking hot or cold and free from flavourings & additives, this natural drink mix can be stirred with water or milk to create bubbly, fun, nutritious beverages.