'TAKAHASHI SHOTEN' 高橋商店 - YUZUSCOのゆずこしょう 45.0g, 45g

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Refreshingly tangy heat pasted into the perfect garnish.

For a succulent kick of fiery, tabasco-like spice and fruitiness with your favourite noodle soups, stews and grilled meats, this thick yuzu citrus paste packs intense pepper and yuzu citrus flavour into a sumptuously salty condiment. Made from ground green chilli and yuzu peel mashed into a flavoursome paste, the tongue-tingling combination of spice and sourness is ideal for enhancing rich, savoury flavours in your cooking. Requiring just a small dab to deliver a delicious hit of invigorating heat, this versatile yuzu citrus pepper paste can be paired with both tender and hearty ingredients, popularly served as a garnish to both chicken karaage and tempura.