'Teraoka Yuki Jouzo' 寺岡有機醸造 - 寺岡家の納豆にかけるお醤油 150.0ml, 150g

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Soy sauce specially seasoned to enrich a nourishing dose of natto.

Bring the best flavoursome goodness out of your daily serving of fresh natto & more, with this sharp and rich soy sauce from condiment specialists Teraoka Yuki Jouzo. Enhanced with the umami depth of Hokkaido-grown Hidaka kelp stock and a locally-produced sweet oyster sauce, this dressing gives natto's classic savoury taste a rustic, more natural flavour that is finished with a zesty, irresistible kick of freshly-squeezed lemon juices. Made from quality natural ingredients and brewing techniques, this sauce even offers a delicious twist to side dishes, dumplings and tofu, for a stand-out touch of seasoning that's hard to replicate.