'Onishi Foods' 尾西食品 - 携帯おにぎり 昆布 42.0g, 42g

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Kombu kelp-seasoned rice ready to squeeze into the perfect triangular rice ball.

Avoid getting hands sticky and mould the most delicious onigiri rice balls on the go, by just pouring water into this marvellous pouch of pre-cooked rice mixed with Kurakon's salted kombu kelp. Specially made from long life "Alpha rice", steamed and dried to preserve its moreish stickiness, this handy ziplock pouch is cleverly designed for you to shape your instant onigiri whilst sealed. Simply add hot or cold water, shake and wait for 15-60 minutes, until the pouch fluffs up into the perfect rice ball for you to cut free and enjoy. Seasoned with finely-shredded, salted kelp for a sumptuous umami bite you can carry and snack on with convenience.