'Onishi Foods' 尾西食品 - アルファ米 赤飯 100.0g, 100g

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Long life, pre-cooked rice, packed with chewy red bean sweetness

Add just water and enjoy a hot or cold portion of sticky-sweet red bean rice, any time or place you please with this handy ziplock pouch of instant, seasoned rice. Made with pre-cooked "Alpha rice" instantly dried to preserve its fluffiness, this long-life rice pouch comes packed with nourishing azuki red beans to create a hearty winter portion of sekihan rice, great for pairing with lunch or your next camping adventure thanks to its natural protein, fibre and vitamin content. Sprinkled with just the right of amount of umami savouriness with its included salt sachet, this pouch comes with a spoon so it's ready to eat. Just pour hot or cold water into the pouch and seal it for 15-60 minutes until your rice is rehydrated.