'Koikeya' コイケヤ - じゃがいも心地 瀬戸内青のりと塩 58.0g, 58g

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Thick-cut crisps that capture the savoury warmth of freshly-baked potatoes.

Savour the delicious comforts of fresh potato sliced and fried extra thick, coated in a delicious combination of Setouchi aonori seaweed and sea salt with Koikeya's Pure Potato crisps. Made 100% from Japan's finest quality potatoes, each dense crisp is seasoned in a luxury blend of freshly-roasted nori seaweed and salt gather from deep-sea waters, guaranteeing lusciously salty snap of flavour with every gentle, indulgent bite. A perfect balance of delicate and crunchy to provide premium snacking for all, save these crisps for a delicious evening all to yourself or share them among other snack aficionados.