'Koikeya' コイケヤ - ポテト のり塩 60.0g, 60g

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Japan's longest selling crisps, flavoured with Koikeya's original salty seasoning.

The first potato crisps to be produced in Japan in 1962 and still made from 100% Japanese potatoes to this day, Koikeya's salt and aonori seaweed potato crisps combine their crisp texture with layers of sumptuous umami flavour. Initially created by Koikeya, the beloved "Norishio" seasoning of these popular crisps brings the fresh bite of seaweed and light savouriness of salt into delicious harmony, giving their thinly-sliced crunch an irresistibly iconic and quality taste. Provided in a medium sized bag suitable for both sharing and individual snacking through the day.