'NISSIN SEIFUN' 日清製粉 - コツのいらない 天ぷら粉 揚げ上手 , 450g

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Fry up authentic Japanese tempura with minimal fuss.

Making delicious, crunchy tempura doesn't need any special tricks or techniques, while this tempura batter mix can fry up the crispiest texture with just the simple addition of water. Made from a clever combination of starch and wheat so it binds without the addition of egg, this mixture whisks up a smooth batter when mixed with water, giving your pick of meat, seafood or vegetables a flaky, umami, deep-fried crunch that stays crisp even when chilled. Provided in a ziplock pouch for fresh and easy storage, this light batter mix comes without clumps or difficulties when it comes to making mouth-watering tempura.