'THAI-NICHI' THAI-NICHI Mizuho Rice Cracker Wasabi Norimaki 55.0g, 55g

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Crisp, peppery rice crackers wrapped in layers of umami.

Seasoned with wasabi to give their traditional lashings of soy sauce a spicy, sumptuous bite, the light, flaky crunch of these nori seaweed-wrapped rice crackers is sure to capture and delight the senses. Deliciously savoury nibbles baked into ridged rice cracker goodness, the texture of these flavoursome snacks is perfect for maximising their delectably sharp savouriness, soothed by the comforting umami crunch of their outer seaweed layer. Free from oil and low in fat for a healthy, extra crispy bite, these crackers are guilt-free sharing of irresistibly pungent Japanese flavours. Produced in Thailand.