'Uenoya' 生芋小玉こんにゃく, 160g

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Porous, fibre-rich konnyaku pieces with a superbly nourishing bite.

Kneaded using traditional techniques to ensure each piece remains soft and wonderfully satisfying to chew, the crisp, nutritious texture of these konnyaku potato cake bites is ideal to simmer in stews such as oden and salty-sweet amakarani. Deliciously supple and absorbent, these bites are ideal for slow-cooking, where they can swell with juicy, rich flavour from the gravies and liquids they are soaked in. Subtly sweet in taste and surprisingly refreshing to bite into, this packs contains 13-15 raw konnyaku cake bites that can be boiled and ready to eat in only 2-3 minutes.