'MIZKAN' Sushi Vinegar, 275g

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The key to perfecting sweet sushi rice with a subtle umami bite.

Giving sushi rice its crisp flavour and delicate texture doesn't have to be complex, when all the necessary flavour qualities are packed into this kelp-seasoned sushi rice seasoning. A sweet vinegar distilled from sake lees and a subtle addition of kelp, sugar and salt, this light golden seasoning provides the ideal balance of sharp taste and savouriness, so every bite of sushi is irresistibly fresh and fulfilling. Bottled in glass to keep it gentle taste refreshingly sweet and aroma free, simply stir this vinegar into freshly-cooked rice to complete a fluffy base for your maki and nigiri sushi, or even stir it into marinades for a juicy-sweet meat or vegetable glaze.