'TSUYAMAYA SEIKA' Izumo Plum Wine Agar Jelly, 130g

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Classic jelly sweets, made from rich, locally-brewed plum wine.

Capturing the tangy, refreshing taste of Izumo's finest umeshu plum wine in every sugar-coated, chewy bite, sweet plum flesh, matured plum wine and a hint of rich honey form the juicy centre of these vegetarian Tsuyamaya agar jellies. Individually wrapped for easy snacking or sharing, each of these classic jelly cubes offers a handy way to savour Shimane's popular Yuki No Umeshu plum wine by Fuji Shuzo, with a succulent, firm texture that's perfect to get your teeth into. The ideal size to pair with your next tea time break, or indulge in as a sweet, after meal treat.