'TSUYAMAYA SEIKA' Traditional Japanese Sweets Assortment 15pcs, 0g

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An assorted gift box of seasonal jelly sweets.

Inspired by classic, seasonal Japanese desserts including yuzu mochi, matcha azuki kudzu mochi, mashed sweet potato and chestnut, awayuki strawberry and plum wine jelly this selection of agar jelly sweets provides a sweet treat for every occasion. Cut into 15 chewy squares individually wrapped into a decorative clear film, each of these charming traditional sweets carries a rich combination of fruity and sweet deliciousness, filled with fruit peel, supple agar jelly pieces and even sweet bean paste. Offering creamy, comforting and juicy bites of flavour to suit any mood or moment, these succulent cube jellies come in handy for those times anyone needs the occasional sweet, pick me up.