'Nogi' "Okome Buono" Rice Savoury Snack - Spinach Flavour, 30g

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Irresistible snacks to expand kids enjoyment of nourishing vegetable goodness.

For both children and adults who are always eager to munch, but require a wider, healthier range of savoury treats to snack upon, Nogi's range of Okome Buono gluten-free rice snacks come packed with crunchy vegetable goodness to enjoy. Free from wheat, egg and milk, these crisply-baked crackers are made from a mixture of soy and rice flour, seasoned with just salt and sugar to tastily enhance their mildly sweet spinach flavour. Free from additives or preservatives and provided in a ziplock pouch for freshness, the moreish, snappy taste of these crackers make them perfect for introducing new flavours to your kids, while also doubling as a healthy snack that covers most dietary needs.