'Kenmin' Szechuan Style Tantanmen Rice Noodles With Sesame And Miso Sauce, 86g

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Chewy rice noodles with an irresistibly spicy, umami sauce.

Enjoying light, instant servings of delicious tantanmen noodles never came as filling and authentically easy to recreate, as this handy rice noodle pack, complete with a rich sesame and miso, spicy umami sauce sachet. Traditionally stretched from fluffy, glutinous rice into flat noodle strands, the natural chewiness of these springy noodles gives you time to savour the mouth-watering peppery taste of their included sauce, enriched with shredded garlic and spices that are stirred and soaked into the noodles after cooking. Ready in only 5 minutes, finish this fast dish with a helping of fried pork mince, sliced green onion and a soft boiled egg, with optional topping of la-yu chilli oil or crushed peanuts for those after more umami bite.