'Kenmin' High Protein Rice Noodles, 300g

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Gluten-free rice noodles packed with 23.2g protein per 100g.

With reduced carbohydrates and rich pea protein finely kneaded into these ultra-thin rice noodles, Kenmin has produced a deliciously light, filling and nourishing noodle ideal for gluten-free and high-protein diets. Traditionally hand-stretched into 1mm thin, cappellini pasta-style strands made from fluffy, glutinous rice, starch and peas, these noodles and both deliciously springy and gentle to chew, making their naturally rich protein content easy to cook, enjoy and digest, whether enjoyed as a noodle salad, soup or stir-fry. Easily cooks 3-4 servings per pack in approximately 4-6 minutes.