'KASUMITSURU' Yamahai Ginjo Junmai, 720ml

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A superbly sweet, award-winning sake.

Kasumitsuru produces this sweet yamahai junmai ginjo for the modern appeal of its distinctively mellow and refreshing palate. Making the most of local access to Japan's highest grade Yamadanishiki rice, Kasumitsuru's Hyogo-based brewers use their trained eyes to determine the exact temperature and humidity required to allow this junmai daiginjo to be matured for its maximum length. Milled to a fine 55%, this sake develops the most elegantly ripe, umami notes in these conditions whilst not loosing the raw acidity that gives a truly exquisite and vibrant aftertaste. This junmai ginjo helps enhance the subtler umami flavours in a dish, especially when it comes to seafood.

Alcohol: 15.0% ABV.