'Katsuyama Shuzo' Katsuyama White Label Junmai Ginjo, 720ml

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A luscious, tingling sake from Miyagi's most renowned brewery.

Producing the Dateryo Goshu series as a versatile, meal-compatible example of their highly-acclaimed sake, Katsuyama Shuzo presents sweet, mellow rice notes and a crisp, apple freshness in the well-rounded palate of this white label junmai ginjo sake. Brewed using mineral-rich groundwater drawn from the nearby Mount Izumigatake, the soft quality of this water is what refines the fruity, herbal aromas of this junmai ginjo, giving it almost a syrupy-sweet consisitency lifted by hints of refreshing mint. Clean and dry on the finish with a tingly aftertaste of apple, this 55% milled junmai ginjo sake is best enjoyed chilled, offering an exquisite, palate-cleansing taste to pair with any dish.

Alcohol: 15.0% ABV.