'Katsuyama Shuzo' Katsuyama Red Label Junmai Daiginjo, 720ml

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Producing the Dateryo Goshu series as a versatile, meal-compatible example of their highly-acclaimed sake, Katsuyama Shuzo captures fruity, invigorating aromas and indulgent rice notes in the sublimely crisp, sweet palate of this red label junmai daiginjo sake. Brewed using mineral-rich groundwater drawn from the nearby Mount Izumigatake, the elegant soft quality of this water combined with 50% polished Yamadanishiki sake rice is what allows this junmai daiginjo's juicy, vibrant notes of apple and mint to be enjoyed with ease. Complete with a light, elongated finish to enjoy its decadent array of exquisite flavours, serve this junmai daiginjo chilled as a sweet, palate-cleansing partner to any dish.

Alcohol: 16.0% ABV.