'Nobel' Otoko-Ume Pickled Plum Snack 52.0g, 52g

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Juicy, umeboshi pickled plums presented as an intense umami snack.

Enjoyed for generations in Japan as a sweet and salty snack that thoroughly revives the senses, these individually wrapped umeboshi pickled plums have been preserved in premium pickling vinegar from Wakayama for an even stronger, invigorating taste. Great to get your teeth into, these succulent snacks are salted and matured in a tangy perilla ume plum vinegar, to give each fruit a refreshingly, rich umami bite you can either suck or irresistibly chew off its inner pit stone. Sugar-free and juicier to savour than typical hard-boiled candies, these pickled plums also come packed with Vitamin B, making them a healthy, unique snack to share over breaks or evening get-togethers.