'UHA MIKAKUTO' Spiced Peanuts with Szechuan Chilli Pepper and Black Pepper, 50g

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Crunchy peanuts peppered and roasted in black pepper and Szechuan chilli.

An exclusive snack introduction to two of the most tongue-tingling, umami spices in Japanese & Asian cuisine, these creamy peanuts are roasted in a combination of fragrant, grilled black pepper seasoning and Szechuan chilli oil. An intensely aromatic, savoury sensation for your taste buds, the spice expertise of Kobe's iconic Sannomiya's Ikkanrou restaurant helped create the meaty pairing of coarse pepper and tangy Szechuan spices that envelops these sweet peanuts in an irresistible, fiery crunch. Garnished with sliced spring onions and red chilli to maximise their savoury heat, this handy pouch is resealable for when you need a refreshing cool down from these red-hot peanut snacks. Not suitable for vegetarians.