'Miso-Han' Somen Noodles with Japanese Curry Soup Base 2 Servings 180.0g, 180g

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Ultra-fine noodles ideal for savouring rich, curry broths.

Simply boiled in 100 seconds and finished with a spicy Japanese curry stock, instantly prepare these flavoursome somen noodles when you need a hearty, quick meal that's only 302 calories per portion. Made 100% from Kyushu wheat flour and finely hand-stretched into delicately thin noodles, these somen are made to be traditionally served as nyūmen, soaked in a hot, savoury soup to draw delicious flavours into their firm, satisfying bite. Packaged with handy sachets of fragrant curry stock, seasoned with curry powder, soy sauce, garlic, kelp, black pepper and spices, these 2 nutritious servings offer a sumptuous, peppery noodle soup you can freely garnish and toastily savour.