'CALBEE' Singapore Chilli Crab Flavour Potato Crisps (Hong Kong), 55g

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Mouth-watering chilli crab flavour made for snacking.

Savour the sumptuous heat and tangy umami savouriness of Singapore's famous Chilli Crab dish, with every moreish crunch of these superbly seasoned Calbee potato crisps. Experts at turning recipes from around the world into irresistible snacking options, Calbee seasons each potato crisp with mellow soy sauce and seafood flavours, finishing them with a peppering of tomato powder and spices to maximise their crisp, savoury-sweetness. Light yet luxuriously rich to munch, this share bag is perfect for parties and picnics, or simply those days that call for a unique snack to indulge in.