'Miso-Han' Shimabara Tenobe Hiyamugi Noodles 250.0g, 250g

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Shimabara's signature, hand-stretched hiyamugi noodles.

Kneaded into deliciously thin and slick hiyamugi strands, these dried, round-cut noodles are a regional highlight of Kyushu prefecture's excellent noodle craft, featuring a uniquely firm and springy bite perfect to pair with soups and sauces. Made 100% from local wheat flour, these noodles are finely stretched and seasoned with Nagasaki's refined salt flakes, traditionally aged in charcoal stores to enrich their distinctively chewy texture. Offering a wonderful balance of soft udon and soothing soumen qualities, these hiyamugi noodles take just 4-5 minutes to boil and are ideal for serving both cold with a dipping sauce or hot in a hearty noodle broth.