'Miso-Han' Shimabara Tenobe Soumen Noodles 250.0g, 250g

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Shimabara's signature, hand-stretched somen noodles.

Carefully kneaded into ultra-thin, slick somen strands, these dried, round-cut noodles are a tasty, regional highlight of Kyushu prefecture's excellent noodle craft, featuring a fine, springy bite for savouring soups and sauces. Made 100% from local wheat flour, these noodles are meticulously stretched and seasoned with Nagasaki's refined salt flakes, before they are traditionally aged in charcoal stores to enrich their firm, sumptuous texture. Soothingly gentle and a delight to slurp both cold with dipping sauces or in a toasty noodle broth, these somen noodles are boiled and instantly ready to serve in just 100 seconds.