'Miso-Han' Somen Noodles with Vegetable Stock Soup 180.0g, 180g

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Ultra-fine noodles ideal for savouring hearty, vegetable broths.

Simply boiled in 100 seconds and finished with a nourishing, savoury vegetable dashi stock, instantly prepare these flavoursome somen noodles when you need a hearty, quick meal that's only 300 calories per portion. Made 100% from Kyushu wheat flour and finely hand-stretched into delicately thin noodles, these somen are made to be traditionally served as nyūmen, soaked in a hot dashi soup to draw rich flavours into their firm, satisfying bite. Packaged with handy sachets of vegan soy sauce dashi, seasoned with garlic, onion, celery and a sprinkle of black pepper, these 2 nutritious noodle servings come full of crisp, toasty flavour you can freely garnish and healthily savour.