'HOUSE SHOKUHIN' Citrus Paste- Kabosu & Sudachi 40.0g, 40g

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Add a zingy dash of regional citrus flavour to your favourite dishes.

Provided in a handy, capped tube to finish your soba noodles, grilled fish, sauteed dishes or salads with a sumptuous squeeze of tangy flavour, this unique condiment paste is made from a combination of south-west Japan's juiciest, green citrus fruits. By blending real fruit juices from Oita's tart, evergreen Kabosu citrus, with the sour richness of Tokushima's Sudachi limes, this paste refines the regional qualities of each fruit into a flavour-packed garnish that can freshly enliven almost any dish, any time of the year. Great for also giving dressings and vinaigrettes a fuller, citrus sharpness, those who similarly enjoy yuzu citrus should not miss out on this uniquely zesty seasoning.