'IMURAYA' Rice Seasoning Mix with Pea 230.0g, 230g

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Serve up fluffy rice full of refreshing green pea nutrition.

Flavour your freshly-steamed white rice with the savoury-sweet snap of protein-rich green peas, by stirring in this nourishing mamegohan green pea-filled rice mix. Simply shaken and poured into a rice cooker or pan with your rice before cooking, just add a bit more water to instantly give your rice a plumper, livelier taste, with the juicy green peas in this mix naturally preserved in sugar, kelp, yeast and edible magnesium salts to maximise their umami bite! Perfect for complementing lighter dishes or healthier bento lunches, the rice portions this mixture creates are an easy way to give meals more nourishing flavour and texture.

Creates 3-4 servings. Use within the same day of opening. Please do not use in pressure cookers.