'HOMARE SHUZO' Karahashi "SCENT OF DREAM", 720ml

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Luscious, fresh-tasting sake, specially brewed in southeast Fukushima.

Taking their sake expertise further south to Tatsumi, away from their north-western hub in Aizu, Fukushima, Homare Shuzo unlocks the fruity, umami potential of Niigata's Gohyakumangoku sake rice through this freshly-bottled junmai ginjo sake. By milling the premium rice grain to 50% and allowing it to carefully mature at low temperatures, previously subtle notes of melon and strawberries can then flourish within this sake's full-bodied palate. Once fully brewed, this junmai ginjo is immediately bottled and pasteurised to preserve its high acidity and dry, pleasantly tart finish, stored at a steady -5℃ to achieve the impeccably smooth, freshness Homare Shuzo's sake have become renowned for. Best enjoyed chilled from a wine glass with your pick of sashimi, sushi or any fresh-tasting seafood.

Grade / Style: Junmai Ginjo
Rice: Yume no kaori
Polishing ratio: 50%
Sake meter value: +3
Abv: 16%
Acidity: 1.5