'GEKKEIKAN' The Shot Junmai, 180ml

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Indulge in the lively, well-rounded taste of this compact junmai sake.

Perfect for when you need a dose of relaxation with one of Gekkeikan's premier sake creations, this "shot" of junmai sake packs a juicy punch of tangy, fruity flavours underneath its smooth, mellow mouthfeel. Drawing you in with its exotic, fruity nose, featuring notes of pineapple and apricot, the tart sweetness of this vibrant sake is harmonised by its soft, full-bodied hints of rice, leading you to its delicately sweet, lingering finish. Brewed with Gekkeikan's signature yeast to achieve the careful balance of fruity and refreshing, this junmai sake is best enjoyed chilled with creamy cheeses or pasta to indulgently draw out its succulent taste.

Alcohol content : 14.5% .