'HIKARI MISO' Seafood Tonkotsu Style Ramen 195.0g, 195g

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Instant ramen full of succulent tonkotsu flavour and a salty tang of fish.

Seasoned with the refreshing, umami taste of bonito, anchovy, mackerel and roasted sesame oil, serve 2 sumptuously salty portions of juicy tonkotsu ramen with this convenient pack of restaurant-style ramen. Provided with 2 servings of dried ramen noodles, each supplied with their own powdered pork-bone flavoured broth, this instant ramen is enriched with soy sauce, seafood and spices to create a succulent, savoury soup that can be boiled and ready in just 3 minutes. Great to garnish with belly pork slices, bamboo shoots, boiled egg and even your own pick of seafood, savour the tender aromas and salty flavour of this ramen with delicious ease.